Where is this year disappearing to? June already.

Although it has been a little chilly at times it has meant that the summer haze is being held back and some of the views from the top of the big hills have been superb. The beady eyed amongst you will have noticed an upsurge in photographs and videos posted to Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

The last one I took was on Saturday from the top of Black Fell overlooking Windermere. It was a lovely walk but the wind was gusting at 45mph at times which made for an interesting moment or two and made taking photographs a real issue. I did manage to take a brief but reasonable panorama though…


Hopefully the sound of the wind speed comes through but as you can see the grasses and the trees, and myself, were taking a real battering. We had guests staying with us who braved the Fairfield horseshoe. They survived the walk but were actually blown off their feet on occasion. Exhilarating stuff!!


…. Update 12 June….

At last! We’ve actually had a couple of warm and sunny days. Lots of sunny days this year but the wind has been a bit on the chilly side. However, the last few days have been sublime and as is our wont we took to our favourite view point on Loughrigg Fell to enjoy a delicious picnic.

Looking down the Langdale Valley to the Langdale Pikes

Looking down the Langdale Valley to the Langdale Pikes


Loughrigg Tarn as still as mill pond


Down toward Windermere with cheese and wine abundant.

We can highly recommend the peace and quiet and all a mere 30 minute walk from our front door!


…. Update 22 June…..

Not quite the done thing I suppose but we thought we’d share with the world that Miss Julie Wright became Mrs Nigel Hartley today. It’s been a lovely day and we wanted to thank all our friends and family for being with us and sharing our special day.

J & N Wedding

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